Reflexology is a non-invasive, complementary modality applying specific touch techniques on Reflex Maps, resembling the shape of the human body, located on the feet, hands, and outer ears.

By applying nurturing touch in specific ways unique to the field of Reflexology, a wide range of health benefits have been reported.

Kathy Ann Reynolds, Certified Reflexologist, offers integrated foot, hand and ear reflexology in Southern California.

Benefits of Reflexology

– Profound Relaxation – Improved Organ/Gland Function
– Natural Healing – Detoxification
– Improved Circulation – Relief from Nausea
– Pain reduction/elimination – Relief from Symptoms of PMS
– Relief from Lower-Back Pain – Deeper/More Rejuvenating Sleep
– Relief from Neck Pain – Increased Vitality/Feeling of Well-Being
– Relief from Headaches/Migraines – Helps Balance the Body for Self-Healing
– Increased Range of Motion
Integrated Reflexology