Natural Pain Management Treatments Using Reflexology

Complementary therapies, like Reflexology, offer drug-free pain relief to help with headaches, back pain and more. Reflexology involves the act of applying targeted pressure to “reflex maps” located on the feet, hands and outer ears that correspond to particular organs and glands of the body using specific thumb and finger techniques, unique to Reflexology, without the use of oils, lotion or creams.

When you receive a Foot Reflexology, Hand Reflexology or Ear Reflexology session, you are actually stimulating corresponding parts of your whole body based on reflex maps. There are over 7,200 nerve endings in each foot, which have an extensive interconnection with the central nervous system. This means when you receive a Reflexology session, you are not getting a foot massage or a hand massage. You are literally stimulating the body’s own natural healing response in that corresponding part of the body!

Reflexology Works With Your Body Naturally To Help With All Types of Pain Control

In your quest for pain relief, you may have tried all types of pain doctors, pain clinics, pain therapies and various “pain cures.” One of the simplest things you can do to help reduce your levels of pain is reflexology.

Reflexology can be helpful for the following types of pain:

      • neck pain
      • abdominal pain
      • back pain and lower back pain
      • nerve pain
      • shoulder pain
      • hip pain
      • knee pain
      • chronic pain
      • muscle pain
      • arm pain
      • foot pain
      • arthritis pain
      • leg pain
      • sciatica pain
      • elbow pain
      • joint pain
      • headache pain


Clinical Studies Prove the Effectiveness of Reflexology for Pain Management

Reflexology can be helpful for many types of pain. Here are a few Research Studies proving the effectiveness of reflexology:

      • Abdominal Pain
        Clinical Studies show how digestive pain was relieved MORE EFFECTIVELY and FASTER with Reflexology than with drugs.
      • Headache Pain
        Clinical Studies indicate the effectiveness of Reflexology to greatly reduce, and even eliminate, the discomfort and pain associated with both tension headaches and migraines.
      • Lower Back Pain
        Multiple Clinical Studies show how Reflexology is helpful for lower back pain and sciatica.
      • Post Operative Pain
        Study shows how Reflexology reduces the requirement and quantity of pain killers after general surgery.

Reflexology can help!

Reflexology is a particularly effective method for achieving the relaxation response and for reducing the feelings of acute stress and the accumulative effects of pain. In addition, it helps revitalize the body’s muscle tissue and organ function. Aches and pains melt away as an experienced Certified Reflexologist works on your feet, hands, and outer ears. You just lie back comfortably as you enter into a profound state of relaxation.

Integrated Reflexology